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This is a pre-registration. MVP Will Release in September 2020


Monetize yourself and be free

We share our income with users, giving them the freedom to adjust their social environment


Easy monetization

Slate allows users to monetize content, data, goods, and services in different ways

Freedom from ads

Turn them off completely with an inexpensive Premium subscription!

Perfect news feed

Using the unique Shadow Following subscription principle, you can easily customize your news feed to get only the most relevant and interesting content

Righteousness and security

Users need a fair and transparent moderation, as well as a healthy mental environment


Moderation system

Three-level moderation system, fact-checking tools, no algorithmic bans. Machines can’t judge people!

Real people and media

No bots, bot farms, fakes and cheats! Due to the multifaceted system of account verification, you can be sure that you are surrounded by real people!

Security / portability

No micro-targeted advertising = no data hunting, we want to know as little as possible about you. Use the migration tool to move your accounts from other social networks. End-to-end encryption is a must!

Slate Development

Slate Platform Roadmap

  • December 2019

    Start of MVP development

    Incorporation in Delaware, USA. The First 0.6% equity was sold

  • March 2020

    Forming an Advisory Board

    Every startup requires support and advice for an effective evolution

  • August 2020

    Launching of MVP

    Our goals: first 10k registered users, Shadow Following news feed, user’s profile, encryption, the main monetization methods

  • September 2020

    Attract seed investor

    Required to develop the first Slate release, build up relations with our Brand Ambassadors and raise up MAU/MRR

  • October 2020

    Development of the first Slate Release

    100k-200k users till Nov 2020. Scaling up MAU/DAU and MRR, Brand Ambassadors network growth. Additional monetization methods, Shadow Search, dating features

  • January 2021

    Slate Release

    Launching of Slate social platform

  • March 2021

    Round A

    Global scaling


Slate Documentation

Each Slate’s user is a friend and a customer. Slate platform was created for a Time Well Spent

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Feb 6, 2020

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This is а pre-registration. The MVP release is scheduled for September 2020