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This is a pre-registration. MVP Will Release in September 2020


Take back your freedom

Monetize your content/data/goods/services. Control and flexibly adjust your news feed(s) and social environment.


Easy monetization

Sl8 allows users to monetize their content, data, goods, and services

Mass adoption

Where billions of users own and use crypto assets every day

Perfect news feed

With Shadow Following subscription method, you can flexibly adjust your news feed(s) to get only the most relevant and interesting content

Righteousness, privacy and security

Fair and transparent human moderation, no data hunting, end-to-end encryption


Moderation system

Three-level moderation system, fact-checking tools, no algorithmic bans. Machines can’t judge people!

Real people + private mode

No bots, bot farms, fakes and cheats with our account verification system. But if you want go private mode - you can

Security / portability

No micro-targeted advertising = no data hunting, we want to know as little as possible about you. End-to-end encryption is a must!

About the project

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This is а pre-registration. The MVP release is scheduled for September 2020